‘Becoming Trauma Informed’. Round 4!

Edwina Grosvenor reports back on a busy, tiring and exhilarating couple of weeks

Last week saw the end of a two week train-a-thon!

The long term and high security estate

We started on Monday the 12th of June in a venue at HMP Birmingham. There, Dr Covington trained around 84 staff from the high secure and long term estate. It was the first time One Small Thing has ventured over to the male estate.

The feedback was positive and the future looks hopeful for this work to move over relatively soon. We of course will keep you updated as and when we can.

Training the trainers

On Wednesday the 14th of June we were back in the same venue and this time it was Train the Trainers. Again we had about 80 officers. This time they were all from the female estate and we had a couple of people from the youth estate.

Some officers were there for first time training and some others were there for refresher training. It was a full and fun day, ever so slightly on the warm side!

Headlines day

By Monday the 19th June we were down south in the blistering heatwave wondering how we thought we were hot in Birmingham!

We held a very interesting three hour training day on the headlines of BTI and the 40 attendees came from all over. Tech entrepreneurs, Police Now trainers, the Judiciary, MOJ staff, probation and CRCs, art therapists, women’s centre staff, job centre staff, a military doctor amongst others.

This day was so interesting as we had so many different points of view aimed at the same topic, it made for a fascinating session and luckily we had air con!

Women’s community providers

On Wednesday the 21st we welcomed back around 40 of the women’s community providers, some old and some new faces. People were really enthused to hear that this training travels from inside the walls out.

Maybe that it’s possible to move towards a future where the provision of care inside mirrors that on the outside.

Roof Gardens and flamingos

The finale was on Friday 23rd June. Training took place at Richard Branson’s Kensington Roof Gardens complete with real life flamingos!

This was the 4th time that staff from all of the women’s prisons, including the two private establishments, came back to inform each other of the hard work that they had been doing in order to move their establishments towards operating in a trauma informed way.

Some prisons have almost 100 per cent of their staff trained and are helping to train staff in other prisons, which is hugely encouraging. It proves that this work is something that the officers see as a real benefit.

Other establishments are further ahead with running Healing Trauma groups, training the women to run the groups and to be the facilitators. So far this has had very good feedback with groups now running and booked up all year at HMP Send, and Drake Hall just starting out.

One Small Party

To wrap up two weeks of hard work we threw One Small Party! We moved from the training day straight into the beautiful roof gardens where we celebrated together our hard work and achievements but most importantly, a shared vision of a trauma informed justice system for women…and maybe one day men.

Edwina Grosvenor

Edwina Grosvenor

Founder of One Small Thing

Edwina Grosvenor is a philanthropist and the founder of One Small Thing