The Healing Trauma pilot at HMP Holloway

Dr Lisa Drogosz reports on what the women had to say about the pilot

In September and October 2015, London CRC, an MTCnovo company, conducted a five week pilot of Stephanie Covington’s Healing Trauma: A Brief Intervention for women, at HMP Holloway. Five women completed the pilot and Dr Covington presented their final certificates during her visit to Holloway on 24 September.

We tried various group activities to engage the women who responded well to the material. The use of art work and grounding activities were particularly helpful. During the final session, the women shared the following as their reactions to the group:

‘I found this course interesting, insightful and skill giving for the present and the future.’

‘The biggest eye opener of all time. Very innovative.’

‘This course is very useful, educating and making women think more positively.’

‘I have learnt how to recognise and how to deal with abuse in all types of relationships, how to cope with things better when times get hard.’

‘Personally built up confidence for future relationships.’

London CRC and MTCnovo plan to pilot two other interventions developed by Dr Covington to include, Beyond Anger and Violence: A Programme for Women and Beyond Trauma, the extended version of Healing Trauma.

We would love to share our experiences with others planning to pilot Healing Trauma.

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Lisa Drogosz

MTC Novo

Dr Lisa Drogosz is Director of Programmes at MTC Novo