Becoming Trauma Informed Information morning for the women of HMP Send

Published on News from HMP Send

Over the last year Becoming Trauma Informed training has been unfolded over the female estate. Much of the focus has been on training staff to understand and work with women that have suffered trauma in their lives and to recognise the benefits of Becoming Trauma Informed.

The training has involved understanding trauma, the process of trauma and the effects of trauma. The core values of trauma involved services are Safety (physical and emotional), trustworthiness, Choice, Collaboration and Empowerment.

As much of the training is staff focused it seemed a good idea in keeping with the core values to allow the women at HMP Send to have a chance to understand what Becoming Trauma Informed was all about, therefore on the 11 July the Send Becoming Trauma Informed (BTI) team held a BTI information morning for the women. The idea was to have a number of organisations on display, external and internal that worked with men, women and children that had experienced trauma and for the BTI team to show aspects of the training that was being given to the staff.

Also what has been made available for them, such as the ‘Healing Trauma’ course that has been proving more and more popular among the women, a short course facilitated by women that had already been through the course and written by Dr Stephanie Covington an international expert in trauma training.

After the usual setbacks of organising an event like this, and last minute changes, the event took place with every woman in the prison having the opportunity to learn something about Trauma and BTI and also the chance to sign up for the ‘Healing Trauma’ course. The feedback from the day has been positive from both the women and our visitors. I would like to thank the following organisations for their time and input, Woking Mind, One Small Thing, Into the Light, Together UK. I would also like to thank HMP Newhall and HMP Peterborough for their support along with HMP Send Chaplaincy, HMP Send Democratic Therapeutic Community and of course the HMP Send BTI team.

by Steve Dempsey BTI Lead at HMP Send