Healing trauma at Peterborough

Published on News from HMP Peterborough

The Trauma Team have successfully completed the first Healing Trauma programme here at HMP Peterborough.

Seven female residents attended all have experienced a variety of traumas throughout their lives.

So what is Healing Trauma?

The programme is designed to help begin healing from the effects of violence or other abuse, and the trauma that accompanies them. One of the first steps to healing and growth is to acknowledge the abuse in our lives and the impact it has on us. Trauma can affect us in two primary ways. First, it impacts the inner self: our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and values, for example some women believe that you cannot trust anyone and that the world is a very unsafe place. Second, trauma also impacts the outer-self: our behaviours and relationships. Many women who have experienced trauma struggle with their relationships with family members, friends and partners.

Healing Trauma is delivered by two Trauma Champions on the female estate.

The key things that residents will learn whilst completing this programme are:

  • Learn more about abuse and how widespread it is in women’s lives.
  • Become aware of strengths that they already have
  • Increase skills you need for healing
  • Learn exercises and techniques that can help you feel more grounded and safe.

Topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Abusive relationships and healthy relationships
  • Thoughts and feelings
  • And stories and wisdom that they bring to the group

Session 1

  • Induction to the subject of, Group agreements

Session 2

  • Power and Abuse

Session 3

  • The process of Trauma and Self-care

Session 4

  • Healthy Relationships

Session 5

  • Love, Endings, And Certificates

Realise there is hope. If we give ourselves the opportunity to heal and grow, we can learn how to live happier lives in healthier relationships.

Referrals can be made using the intervention spreadsheet. The course is a 5 week programme with 1 session a week.

Well done ladies!